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countdown ! The media confirmed that Pep has set a date

countdown ! The media confirmed that Pep has set a date for leaving Manchester City. Every party has its end. Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has set a date for his retirement from his job at the Etihad Stadiu. Is the expiration date of the current contract at the end of

Rio names ‘Odegard’ player of the year

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has named Martin Odegaard as his current Player of the Year. The Norwegian footballer is the main force of Arsenal who are currently holding the top of the Premier League. By 8 points behind second place Manchester City, midfielder captain “Cannon”

‘Haaland’ takes aim Champions League + Ballon d’Or

Manchester City striker Erling Haaland admits he aims to win Champions League trophy Including winning the Ballon d’Or to occupy The Norwegian is one of Europe’s top goalscoring strikers. By now, he has scored 27 goals in 22 matches in the colors of “The Blues” City still have