‘Tonali’ has difficulty returning to ‘Milan’

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Sandro Tonali, midfielder for Dynamo Newcastle United, admits he was very emotional when he returned to AC Milan, so he will have a hard time sorting out his personal feelings in tomorrow’s Champions League game

. Preparing to return to the European stage for the first time in more than 10 years, while Tonali has returned to the “Red Devils” after a surprise move in the summer for 70 million euros. “It’s been a very long journey and coming back to San

Siri Ro gives me a lot of emotion,” the 23-year-old Italian midfielder said in a pre-match interview. After landing in Milan, ทางเข้า ufabet

“Milan is the team I support. and give me the opportunity to grow I remember every match I played in this stadium. But I have to separate all my emotions from tomorrow’s game. And it will be a difficult night for me. “

I don’t know what to tell the Milan fans because each one wants to hear different things. But this is football.

“It is very rare for a player to request a transfer to a particular team. The players have limited power. But I was happy as soon as I received the offer from Newcastle. “

I did my best with Milan. I talked to many people who love the club. And the decision doesn’t happen overnight. “

Moving to England is difficult. Because I barely settled in Newcastle but there were always people helping me. And make it easier “

“Even on the field Everything was different. I didn’t know my teammates or the language. But I feel the support from everyone.”

On the Milan side, last season they reached the round of eight. And this Tuesday he wants to make amends from the weekend where he was beaten 5-1 by rival Inter.

“I haven’t talked to the Milan players yet. I want to wait a little longer because they just lost the derby match,” Tonali said. continue

“Defeat the enemy Especially in that way is not a good thing. And it will have an effect on you. But the opportunity to have a close competition like this will definitely help them.”

During the international break, Tonali had a muscle problem and was unable to play for Italy. And on Saturday he was named as an unused reserve in the 1-0 win over Brentford.

“I’m sorry to miss serving the national team. and the latest game in the Premier League, but now I don’t have a problem. I am ready for tomorrow,” Tonali confirmed.

“It will be an intense and difficult game. From what both we and Milan want to get away from this game.”