That Sheikh Yassim has successfully taken over Manchester United.

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That Sheikh Yassim has successfully taken over Manchester United.

ufabet media hits big news Sheikh Yassim bin Hamad Al Thani, Qatari businessman Successful takeover of Manchester United from the Glazer family. As a result, the club’s share price rose sharply this morning (June 13).

The change of ownership of Manchester United club is a big issue that many parties keep an eye on. In the latter, only two main characters appear, namely and Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the owner of the energy company Enios.

Previously, it was also reported that Sheikh Yassim had made a fifth big offer and was believed to be the last. The Glazer family must make a decisive decision.

Qatari media with Yassim bin Jaber Al Thani, the father bin Hamad Al Thani, owns the news that Sheikh Ya’s takeover of Manchester United SIM has already been successful. with an undisclosed value And an official announcement of the deal from Manchester United will be coming soon.

Although this news has not officially confirmed. But Said Ab Hamdan of the Qatar Business Council has also tweeted congratulations to Sheikh Yassim for the deal achieved with the takeover of the Red Devils.

Moreover After this news was publish in the media. Manchester United’s shares on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) rose significantly. With investors speculating until closing the day with a gain of 3.98% at a price of $ 20.13 per share