‘Pochettino’ Confirm importance ‘Bao Cup’

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Mauricio Pochettino, manager of the “Sing Blues” Chelsea are adamant they will focus on their pursuit of the Carabao Cup this season when they meet Newcastle United in the quarter-finals on Tuesday.

The former Tottenham Hotspur manager has yet to win the honor of managing a team in England, and recently he confirmed that he intends to lead the Blues to the first championship of their era.

“Of course I want the trophy here in England. Now I want to lift the trophy in this competition. Because it is very important” Pochettino said “It means a lot. ทางเข้า ufabet

‘You need to be in the right club, in the right moment, with all of the elements to win,’ he said.

‘To be an elite manager, it is not necessary to win titles. Many elite managers still didn’t win or are going to win or won. It’s important to analyse every single project and say you can progress or not or deliver the job everyone expects.

Because we want to return the work we do to the club with trophies. The most important thing is victory. It’s hard to measure. It matters. It’s in our hearts Our goal” “We have to be ready for tomorrow’s game as we move closer and closer to the championship. My desire is victory.”