Pierce hopes ETH apologizes to ‘Ronaldo’ if Man Utd loses league

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Celebrity Pierce Morgan hopes Eric Ten Hag will apologize to Cristiano Ronaldo if Manchester United fail to win the Premier League this season

. Red “announced parting ways with Ronaldo at the end of last year. After a series of controversies over the summer , the

37-year-old dropped Bomb through an interview with Morgan before heading off to serve his country at the World Cup. which led to the termination of the contract But it seems as if United were a better team without Ronaldo.

Asked if United were a better team with Ronaldo’s departure, Morgan answered on UFABET . “Why don’t you ask me again at 6:30 on Sunday and see how wild United are?”

“I watched every game. They’ve beaten some teams and had some good results against City. I think we’re going to hit them on Sunday. And then I’ll remind you again that they’ve let the greatest player in history go. Because I think it’s a great idea ′′ ′

′ Another question I will ask is. Who are the players in this great United squad? To score as many goals as Ronaldo last season?”

Morgan also hopes to see an apology from Ten Hag as his favorite Arsenal team win the title. Premier League, while United can’t do that.

“When we won the league and United couldn’t because they let GOAT go, I hope Erik ten Hag will kneel and apologize to me and Cristiano Ronaldo for insulting him.”