Guru reminds Hammer to think carefully before setting up ‘Rafa’.

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Famous football guru Simon Jordan Warn that Rafa Benitez is the coach who creates divisions in the team. Following news that West Ham United could be appointed as a new manager, the

Hammers are in for a tough time having lost six of their last seven matches. Which have seen them drop into the relegation zone. The UFABET report

David Moyes’ future is believed to be in doubt as West Ham begin their search for a new manager. With Benitez reportedly among their shortlist,

Jordan has warned West Ham to think twice before appointing Benitez, who has created divisions in the squad

. “I don’t like Rafa. Benitez, it’s not personal. I don’t like him in terms of his career,” he told talkSPORT

. I don’t personally hate him. Because I didn’t spend enough time with him to feel that way. But I’m sure if I spend time with him I must definitely feel that way.

“From the front view of work I don’t like the way he works and I don’t like this type of manager. I think he’s a divisive person. And disrespecting the people who work for them If you don’t want to work with anyone or don’t respect them, Be bold and don’t do that.”

“I just don’t like his divisive management style. instead of uniting And above all, I think Rafa Benitez did it for Rafa Benitez while everyone else. There has to be a balance between what you do for yourself and what you do for others.”Guru reminds Hammer to think carefully before setting up ‘Rafa’.