Counting points for online blackjack games

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To count the points of online blackjack, the player must count the card face value as A (Ace). With a value of 1 or 11 depending on the face of the card. For example, having an A, 9 in the hand is worth 10/20, the face card is 2-10, has a score according to the face of the card. And the cards J (Jack), Q (Queen), K (King) are equal to 10. However, the numbers played from 2-4 to 10 will be count according to the numbers. And the English alphabet is counted as 10 points. สมัคร UFABET

With A points count as 11 points or some players may be count as 1 depending on the situation. In which the players of the blackjack game can choose by themselves, for example, when getting K and A cards. There will be a score equal to 11 points, where K will have a value of 10 and A will have a value of 1, so when combined, it will be 21. Fit or a player who has cards 9, 5, 4 and A, we will give A instead of 1 point when combined will get 20 points, etc.

Techniques for playing blackjack with card counting

blackjack card counting techniques Players have an advantage over the dealer. Especially the players at the bottom of the rankings. Having time to memorize the cards. And count the face up cards in order to figure out what cards are left in the pile or face down. Which is the probability of getting that card? If anyone has no doubts about counting cards And it’s difficult for the casino to detect. Because the player has no paper A pen or pencil is use for recording. But it requires a very good brain memory to memorize and count cards. for blackjack playing techniques There will be a way to play as follows.

  • various decisions before the player will call the cards surrender or squat However, must look at how the cards in each player’s hand have points.
  • Players will not draw cards or stop drawing more cards. When the score is 17-18-19 and 20 because it is considered to be at risk of drawing and exceeding 21.

Of course, using blackjack card game techniques Players must first know how many cards. That will be played. Because that means that the cards that come out in the amount in or not Since every blackjack card that is face up, surrender or fold, the dealer will not pull the card back into the pile, but wait for the next shuffle in the next round.

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