countdown ! The media confirmed that Pep has set a date

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countdown ! The media confirmed that Pep has set a date for leaving Manchester City.

Every party has its end. Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has set a date for his retirement from his job at the Etihad Stadiu. Is the expiration date of the current contract at the end of the 2024/25 season. After helping the team win 3 championships in this latest year. Equal to reaching the peak of the team as well

The former Barcelona and Bayern Munich boss took over at City in the summer of 2016. And was previously seen as. He will only stay at the team for 3-4 years. He had in the previous two jobs. But Pep has been at the Etihad Stadium for a full seven years and will continue in C. next time

However, leading the team to win 3 championships. Including the Premier League, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League in the season that just end makes Pep quite a bit out of the challenge with this job. Especially when winning the first Champions League title for Man City successfully

In this case, The Guardian states that the time to work with Man City is diminishing every moment. In which the referee will definitely not extend the contract further. From the current contract remaining until 2025, or after the end of the new tournament, the FIFA Club World Cup club that FIFA has scheduled to play in that summer.

The next part of the Spanish consultant It’s still unclear which picture will be released. There are many options for Pep, from going to the big leagues in Europe that he hasn’t been to, such as Italian Serie A or French Ligue 1, to managing a national team such as Spain or England.

However, from Pep’s 7 years at Eastlands He has won 14 trophies for City so far, including this year’s historic treble. Report from