Big QIA hints at investing in football

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Mansour bin Ebrahim Al-Mahmood, chief executive of the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), has admitted he is considering investing more in football. Amid the news with Liverpool

, Fenway Sports Group has been looking for new investors with the club since November. But so far no progress has been made

. Interesting thing, huge investment Amid news that Qatar wants to diversify its investment into businesses rather than oil sales alone

, QIA executives told Bloomberg: “Football, clubs and sports have become very business. Especially now that the fans See these as experiences they want to experience and entertain themselves.”

“At the same time The process of using digital technology And the impact it has on business is becoming very important. The UFABET report

” Of these institutions, the more business. and is investment-friendly You won’t be surprised if we invest in this.”

And now Mansoor bin Ebrahim Al-Mahmoud, the Qatar Investment Authority CEO, has spoken to Bloomberg in an exclusive interview where he talks about the potential in investing in football clubs.

“We haven’t decided anything yet. But this is a business-driven decision that we are moving forward

. People are increasingly involved in sports and the process of using digital technology. QIA is

like the parent company of Qatar Sports Investments (QIS), which bought Paris. Saint-Germain in 2011