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After a rough understanding of the rules for online basketball betting. In this topic, we will explain the forms of online basketball betting.

First of all we have to understand that a basketball match is divided into 4 quarters and bettors. Can bet on basketball separately according to the quarters that are played.

Let’s go back to the subject of basketball betting patterns. There are many ways to bet on online basketball betting. And each will have different payout odds depending. On the probability that it can happen easily. or how hard It will be divided into the following items: สมัคร UFABET


1.Basketball betting Full time betting (HDP) :

It is a form of betting to predict the outcome of the match in all 4 quarters which team will win.

2.Basketball betting High-Low Score Betting (OU) :

It is a form of predicting the total score. Whether it will come out as high or low. For example, online gambling websites have set the middle number at 220.0 when the total score of both teams exceeds that amount. If it is lower, it will be considered as a low total score. Or higher than low, etc. High and low bets are both higher than low, lower than high, must understand the high and low score well.

3.Basketball Betting Odd/Even Betting (OE) :

Betting to predict the total score result. Whether to come out as an odd number or an even number of both teams

4.Basketball betting, single betting :

It is a bet to predict which team will win or lose with odds. Clearly stated The odds will have the next team and the secondary team to make it fair for betting. It is not the same as an odd number or an even number.

5.Basketball betting, step betting :

same as step betting. is that we must choose a partner that we think will win Number of at least 3 pairs, if all guesses are correct, will receive a huge amount of prize money But if there is even one team that you guessed wrong It will be considered losing and losing the bet.

6.Other forms of basketball betting :

in each online gambling website of both teams There will be a form of betting that is its own. for example Some online gambling sites may require you to bet on the team that will win the tournament. and give a very high payout rate Because guessing is very difficult, etc.