Alexis Mac Allister is the new attacking midfielder

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Alexis Mac Allister is the new attacking midfielder that will make Liverpool return to success.

Back in 2016, 17-year-old Alexis Mac Allister made his professional. Debut with Argentinos Juniors in the Argentine Second Division. and dreams of success always remain clear

Mac Allister play game-driven midfielder. Help Argentinos Juniors gain promotion to the top flight at the end of the season. It paved the way for him to grow rapidly after only a few years.

At the beginning of 2019, Premier League side Brighton paid £8m to Argentinos Juniors for Mac Allister. But he is yet to sign. The core of the “Seagull” partisans instantly And it took a long time. Before he had the opportunity to enter the field.

This time last year, just before the 2022 FIFA World Cup kicked off, Mac Allister return home to La Pampa. Argentina with only 2-3 football fans known and asked to take pictures.

However, having returned after helping Argentina win the 2022 World Cup, 15,000 fans were waiting to welcome him in. Things changed quickly for the 24-year-old, and he has now sign . The contract is a new player for Liverpool already.

Argentinos Juniors general manager Alejandro Roncoroni said: “

When he moved to Brighton, I told สมัคร ufabet. I was not going to ask him for a Brighton shirt or anything else. The only thing I want is Let him invite me to the day. He makes his debut with Real Madrid or a team of the same level. Because he can get to that point.”

At this time, the youngster who had led Argentinos Juniors to promotion has stepped up to become a top footballer. And will now play a key role in Liverpool’s rebuilding process under Jurgen Klopp ‘s leadership. 

Mac Allister belongs to a true family of footballers. With his father Carlos playing alongside Diego Maradona in the Argentina national team while his uncle Patricio played for them. With Estudiantes de la Plata and brothers Francis and Kevin currently playing for Rosario Central and Argentinos respectively.

Mac Allister joined Argentinos’ youth team as a 12-year-old at the club. Where he nurture world-class players such as Fernando Redondo and Juan Roman . Riquelme and Esteban Gambiazzo

Mac Allister made his first appearance for the Argentinos first-team under former Argentina international Gabriel Heinze. Who he regarded as a “great talent  . A coach who brings the best out of him. and teaches them how to play great football as well

Last year, after guiding Brighton to Europe for the first time in the club’s 122-year history. And scoring 12 goals in 40 individual appearances was McAl’s finest form. Lister has it all.

Mac Allister can play a variety of roles from defensive midfielder central midfielder up to the goal striker. The Argentinian star will make Liverpool’s midfield fresh and more game-driven.